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Connecting people with Jesus Christ and each other 
A Prayer for All Saints’ Church 
Heavenly Father, please help us at All Saints to better serve our community and bring your message to everyone in a way that glorifies you and enhances the lives of those we touch. Amen. 
After many months of research, discussion, fund raising and obtaining the necessary permissions, work on a new heating system for our church will start on Monday 9th October and is expected to take about four weeks to complete. Disruption will be kept to a minimum and services as advertised and other activities in church will take place as usual. 
As with the old system electricity will be used for the practical reason the three phase supply required already exists, while all alternative fuels would involve expensive and disruptive excavations in the churchyard and obtrusive constructions and pipework inside the building. 
The new system will be maintenance free, using clay filled radiators with intelligent electronic controls providing a constant low level of “conservation” warmth but with the ability to quickly raise the temperature to “comfort” levels as pre-programmed for an event. This will be good for the fabric of the building and its occupants and in this way the church will be available and comfortable throughout the winter for the usual church activities and wider community use. The opportunity is to be taken to improve the appearance of the tower immediately adjacent to the gathering area used for functions. 
Funding of the new system is almost complete thanks to support from the Friends of All Saints’, the hard work of the PCC fund raising team and some generous donations. A relatively small amount is still needed and opportunities remain to sponsor a range of equipment for the installation from £5 to £1,000. Contact Sheila Watts 01234 711113 or Sheila Ware 01234 713667, and see below for more details. 
Information about the new system is displayed in church and you are welcome to call in to have a look. 
We are delighted that the new Church heating system is to be installed shortly, and look forward to being warmer this winter for services and events! There is still some money to be raised to pay for the system, so we'd be delighted if you could help by sponsoring an item for us. Large or small, every contribution is valued. 
Electric cable (we need lots....) - £5 per metre 
Large pot of paint (to help the radiators blend with the surroundings) - £50 
Radiators - small to large £500, £750, £1,000. Sponsorship of a quarter/half radiator is welcomed. 
Please check our weekly news leaflet for up to date information.  
1st and 3rd Sundays of the month 
6.00pm Evensong 
A Book of Common Prayer Sung Evensong with sermon. Hymns are taken from a selection of books. 
2nd Sunday 
11.00am Holy Communion 
A Sung Communion Service using modern liturgy. The children meet in the Institute for Children's Church. 
4th Sunday 
11.00am Parish Praise / 9.30am Café Church 
A Family Service with short talk suitable for all ages, followed by coffee and biscuits. Parish Praise will usually alternate with Café Church on alternate months, starting at 9.30am. 
1st Wednesday 
9.30am Said Communion using the Book of Common Prayer with a 'thought for the day’. We meet in the Institute during winter months. 
Every Thursday 
A Churchyard working party on Thursday mornings, with coffee for workers and visitors at 11.15am. All are very welcome. 
Please check weekly news leaflet (link under the photo) for further information, or the Church Notice Board for any changes. 
To arrange Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals at All Saints’, please contact the Rector. 
The Parochial Church Council and Friends of All Saints' encourage the use of the Church for other community events, such as concerts, theatrical evenings, workshops, etc. Please contact the PCC Secretary in the first instance. 

Contact Us 

The Rector's letter - October 2017 
What is a church and what is it for? Most of the time when we speak of church, we think of the church building. For many it is a beautiful ancient building to be preserved for the sake of our heritage, but having little to do with modern life. For others, the building is a symbol of something more in life or a place of peace for quiet and reflection. It should be no surprise to people that so many, both those who attend church services regularly and those who normally don't, sense that peace when they enter the building. Especially for ancient churches, people have been praying there and drawing into God's presence for centuries. And somehow that rubs off on the place. And a sense of calm and peace is something that we all desperately need. 
For others, church is 'going to church'. That is, attending a worship service. Joining together in worship is important, in sustaining our relationship with God. Do you have to go to church to be a Christian? No - but it is so much easier and better when we do. By joining toegether with others, we are encouraged and built up in our relationship with God and each other. But going to a worship service once on a Sunday still involves only about 1% of our time. 
But ultimately, church is about people because people matter to God. Tme and again the Bible tells us that God loves us so much that he gave his son for us, that Christ died for us. The two greatest commands God gave us are to love him and to love our neighbour. That is the main thing that church is about. To help us know God better through his Son, Jesus Christ. And to love those around us better with the love that God gives to us, not just a Sunday morning, but every day of the week. 
It's an exciting journey. One that we don't always get right, but one well worth taking. Why not give it a try? 
God bless,  
All Saints’ regularly supports the MK Food Bank, the Tearfund, and Crisis at Christmas. 
All Saints’ has an enthusiastic small choir, who lead the singing at Sunday Services. Choir members enjoy joining the Royal School of Church Music for some of their ‘Come and Sing’ events. The Choir is supported by the Village Embertones at Weddings and special Services. For further details please contact Hilary Proud via the Rector. 
Bell Ringers 
There is an active band of bell ringers, who ring All Saints’ 6 bells before Services, and also practice on a Tuesday night 7.45 – 9.00pm. New recruits are very welcome. Please see the Bell Ringers’ page on this website, or contact Sheila Watts 07703 279165 for more information. 
Children’s Church 
The Children’s Church meets in the Institute on the 2nd Sunday each month at 11.00am under the leadership of Maddi Forrester and Judith Taylor. See the photographs for some of their activities, and please contact Maddi Forrester, 01234 714903, for more details. 
The Homegroup meets on alternate Monday evenings to discuss various aspects of the Christian message. The group includes people from other parishes, and new members are always welcome. Please contact Judith Taylor on 01234 240690 to find out more. 
Friends of All Saints’ 
All Saints’ is supported by the Friends’ group (FOAS), who are a registered charity. They work with the Parochial Church Council to preserve and protect the fabric of the Church and Churchyard and to raise funds to assist with improvements to make the building suitable for use by the community for a wide variety of activities. Please see the FOAS page on this website. 
A Brief History of the Church 
It is believed that the building was constructed between 1340-1410. It is in the ‘Decorated Gothic’ style. Work began on the Chancel, with its magnificent east window and progressed through to the building of the tower. During this period, England was at war with France and the Black Death killed thousands of the population resulting in a shortage of skilled masons. This led to wages and prices soaring, which explains why the decoration becomes plainer on the west side of the Church. 
Unusually we have a portrait in brass of Reverend John Morden, who was the priest when the Church was completed. His brass records that he gave two bells, one of which had the inscription ‘In Multis Annis Resonet Campana Joannis’ (John’s bell shall sound for many a year). 
An interesting ‘rumour’, for which there is some corroborative evidence is that the remains of Sir Everard Digby, hung, drawn and quartered for his part in the Gunpowder Plot, lies buried in the Chancel. 
By the mid 19th Century, the Church was in danger of falling down. Very extensive restoration work was undertaken by the Reverend Campbell Hulton - many of his relations and descendants gave generously to the scheme and are commemorated in the mural tablets and windows which are such a dominant feature of the Church interior. Restoration and improvements continue to this day, with the recent addition of cloakroom and kitchen, as we strive to bring the building into the 21st Century. 
Who’s Who? 
Rector: Revd Richard Caddell, The Rectory, High Street, Haversham, MK19 7DT. 01908 312136 
Churchwarden: Maddi Forrester, Cedar House, High Street, Emberton. 07769 923787 
Parochial Church Council Minutes Secretary: Janet Gamlen 01234 711729 
PCC Treasurer: Warwick Clarke 01234 713174 
PCC Members: Louise Cook, Sandra Cortez, Ken Harris, Bill Moody, Hilary Proud, Sheila Watts, Libby Wemyss