Following a 4 week consultation period between 22 June and 20 July 2016, Milton Keynes Council has designated the Emberton Neighbourhood Area on 21 July 2016. 
The Neighbourhood plan is going back out for public consultation as the current proposals have some significant changes from the plan that was consulted on last year. 
The plan is available to view here and hard copies will be available at the Pavilion and Church. If you would like a copy please email plan@embertonparishcouncil.co.uk. 
Responses and comments on the plan can also be emailed to the same address or delivered/posted to Richard Laval at 35 Olney Road. 
There will also be a number of drop in sessions at the Pavilion, the dates for these are:- 
Saturday 14th March between 10 and 12 
Friday 27th March between 7 and 9 
Saturday 28th March between 10 and 12 
The consultation period closes Easter Weekend. The plan is then looked at again in the light of the consultation responses and modified if necessary after which the plan is then submitted to Milton Keynes Council who check it complies with their strategic plan and national planning guidelines. MKC will then undertake a second six week consultation. Once that has been concluded the plan is then looked at by a planning examiner, who may recommend some changes. Once all of that has been completed the plan then goes to a referendum of all voters in the parish. 



NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN STEERING GROUP (A SUB COMMITTEE OF EMBERTON PARISH COUNCIL)   COMMITTEE MEMBERS  Richard Laval (Chairman) Andy McGrandle (Vice Chairman) David Barton Elizabeth Dench Fred Markland Vicki McLean George Proud  

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